Au Natural Bride Fiona McGarry

July 20, 2015

When working with brides the most important thing is to work with the look she wants and improve on it, rather then insisting on a look I think is best for her! Listening to the wishes of the B2B, and with my expertise whether her preference is… Natural or full cover (complexion) Neutral dramatic or smoky (Eyes). A professional makeup will insure the look will last the whole day and into the night.



To get the natural look, the first thing I start with is a mini facial. That done, my next step is to apply a suitable primer (Youngblood), this ensures the foundation will stay in place for the whole day.nuxe-merveillance-expert-range


FOUNDATION…. Armani Luminous silk.



Eyes again, its important to prep the eyes, my favourite eye primer is Clarins.


Eye shadows for Fiona…. Base Shade Orb, Espresso to contour, and Rice Paper for the eyelid, and over the brow bone.   Nylon to light up the inner eye area. All eyeshades by M.A.C.


Clarins black kohl eyeliner. M.A.C Zoom Fast Lash Masacara to Finish



Rose blush by Clarins, contoured with the Clarins Summer Pallet!   Lipstick by M.A.C

A shot of Fiona’s Bridesmaids also Au Natural and Eyeshadows used (Clarins)



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