October 15, 2014

IN MY KIT….I have been using Clarins Instant Concealer since its launch 2 years ago & Crème De Lamer concealer for over 3 years. (Use one or the other the choice will be yours). The concealers are highly pigmented, very little is needed, and lasts forever, even longer if you remember to ALWAYS ALWAYS close the lid after use!! Both cover dark circles effectively and will last the whole day. So little id needed to do the job. TIP…pick up the tiniest bit of either concealer with a spatula (get one from an arts and craft shop BIG enough not to lose!) and blend it out slightly with the brush, apply as set out below.
CRÈME DE LA MERE has a big price tag of €65.


Clarins Instant_Concealer STEP 1

CREM DE LA MERE Concealer_1830973a




APPLICATION…It’s always best to deal with the eye area after foundation. Apply concealer with a concealer brush. Concentrate the application on the lower innermost corners of your under-eye where the skin is darkest; Packing it on doesn’t work! If you have puffiness under your eyes, it will be important to use a concealer that match’s the colour of your foundation, if the concealer is a shade lighter (which is often recommended) it will only serve to show up the puffiness..
TO FINISH…… LIGHTLY (very lightly) dust under your eyes with a fine translucent loose powder. . Make Up For Ever have a great one.

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