Grace Collins June 2014 Bride, the classical look by Marie Joseph

March 13, 2015

Grace Bride 2014mn25Grace Collins June 2014 Bride. The look is classical!! It’s the look that simply doesn’t date its timeless! Grace also went for a timeless look when choosing the style for her hair, with the amazing hair stylist Rania Moore.

Behind the scenes photography was by my good self! Skin prepped & primed, cleansed toned moisturised & Primer Youngblood.


Next step…. To get the flawless look I matched Grace’s foundation (DIOR FOREVER) with her skin type to ensure her makeup would last the full day and into the night. I set the foundation with Clarins mineralized loose powder No2

Eyes next up…. eye shadows by MAC Follow my steps on prepping eyes for shadow


My team of 5 BRUSHES for a perfect eye shadow application,

12s MAKE UP FOR EVER base shade

Pencil brush MAKE UP FOR EVER (Counter socket area)

239 shader by MAC (socket contour) Blend blend blend

Pony Tail Brush by MAKE UP to wash over socket with second contour shade

10s MAKE UP FOR EVER for lid and under brow bone.

Base shade Brûlée …Lash line to brow

(Contour socket area) …With a pencil brush I applied the shadow deep into the socket, picking up a shader brush I then blended the Espresso, softening the shadow by making sure to blend way any noticeable edges. I  applied Espresso shadow underneath the eyes with the pencil brush. To add to the timeless application I washed over the socked crease with a lighter shadow Pret-a-Peach using the ponytail brush.

Next step …I applied Wood-Winked shadow onto grace’s eyelids. An application of shroom along the brow bone worked a treat! Finishing with a dab of Nylon to the inner most corners of the eyes. (Nylon shadow is one of my  staples)

Eye Liner & Mascara…. I lined the inner and outer rim of graces eyes with Coffee eyeliner by MAC. Using Brown pencil rather then black to keep the look soft

Coated top and bottom lashes with larins Black Mascara.

Softened and defined the brows with the mid brown shade from the Clarins Brow Kit

Contouring…Clarins Bronzer  comes in light and dark in the one pallet, most important of all its MATTE!! This compact lasts FOREVER!

For a pop of colour I dusted onto the cheekbones and temples with Mineral blush Crushed Coral Reef by Youngblood.

Lips…To capture Grace’s lip shape I defined with Spice Lip liner.

Lipstick sooo sorry only thing I didn’t write down!! I think however it was a Lancôme!

Here is shot of Grace’s Mam who also looked fabulous on the big Day


Marie XX

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