August 27, 2015




NUXE launches are always something special, as I get to listen to Elizabeth Whelan. She  is the trainer for NUXE skin care and a mind of info on all things beauty and health, especially when it came to the value of plant life; which brings us on to the plants white flowers in the New NUXE Range Splendieuse.

There was a lively Q& A after the launch and Elizabeth articulately anwsered question effortlessly, she not only had our complete attention, she entertained us!!

Back to the reason we were there……. The Splendieuse Range addresses the concerns for most women, one of them being dark spots. The range has 5 Patents pending which address these concerns, while leaving the skin htnlAdEHKkU23SUBhio60erjpCG96yjXGNUSGsCz290nourished and radiant


Correct & Reduce all dark spots, the serum will help even out and activate radiance. 50ml €38.29




A9GtMubz-q22sXtzTZ5fZxS41pbXrVm5VSRxwWdUbsZEnti-Dark Spot Fluid APF 20 for Normal Skin, & Cream for dry skin corrects and limit dark spots and will activate radiance and protect the skin. 50ml€30



This mask comes in individual sachets of 30ml (6 masks per box) Each sachet contains a 100% cotton pre-cut mask 6x21ml sachets €35

Soaked in 21 mil of product (almost the entire contents of a 30 ml bottle of serum) and oh boy does it feel like that!! I am on my second mask and gals, my skin is glowing, I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS MASK!

SPLENDIEUSE…. Main ingredients are high performance molecules from flowers such as white crocus, stargazer lily and porcelain rose combined with vitamin C. This precious combination works on dark spots while leaving a glow on the skin. The formula works on pigmentation at the stages of melanogenosis. Melanogenosis made simple is discoloration of the skin that is the main cause of the dreaded brown spots.




The white crocus contains Saffron, which has a blocking effect on copper, an iron essential for the functioning of Tyrosinase (de- pigmenting agent). This allows NUXE Splendieuse to help reduce dark spots due to ageing, sunspots or blemishes in general.

The Stargazer Lily has an exceptional ability to act on melanogenesis (see above) both before and after its process; it decreases melanin synthesis by 73% and reduce its export to the skin’s surface by 38%

The Cocoa Cells contains polyphenol, molecules that have antioxidant properties.

The Porcelain Rose, like the cocoa cells is rich in concentrated Polyphenol’s (antioxidants) that work by activating the skins microcirculation; this is an exclusive NUXEIMG_9614 ingredient. Its function is to visibly boost the skin’s radiance.


Already my skin is looking visibly brighter.

Love Nuxe!











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