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November 07, 2014

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50’ & 60’s were he most glamorous decades for Fashion, makeup and hair. Full eyelashes were all the rage along with sculpted brows & winged eyeliner! It was the eyes that dominated the 60’s look. Lip colour was understated & sometimes pale pale pale that’s fashion for you! With the lips understated it was important for makeup artists to hone in on their sculpting skills to bring life into the rest of the face.


Check out the shoes for the total Retro LOOK!


he 60’s also became know as the swinging 60’s, however the swing really started in the late 50’s with fab full skirted dresses, but alas they were gone by the mid 60’s!! Bride Chris Butler had her dress designed to fit between these two decades to superb effect. My job was to work with the era and do justice @ Peekaboo designs. Nikki Murray did an absolute sterling job when it cam to hair it was just perfect!!

To get the look I used.

Skin prepped…



Youngblood eye cream to plump up the eye area (one of my staple products)
Primer by Youngblood
Foundation…. HD by Make Up For Ever
Powder ……Careblend Minerlised compact powder by MAC

Makeup Forever Sculpting Kit x.STEP 6

Sculpting/Contouring adds extra dimension to the face, with my all time favorite MakeUp For Ever Sculpting Kit, (using a matte product is important when sculpting) I worked with a flat blusher brush, tracing from top of hairline, down to temple and under cheekbone, sweeping under the jawline.

YB Pressed Blush-Zin RGB

BLUSHER…I dusted the apple of the cheeks with Zin by Youngblood

PicMonkey shadowsCollage

EYESHADOWS… PREP THE LIDS!! (all shadows by MAC)

1…I prepped the eyelids with Instant Light Eye Perfecting Base by Clarins
2…I am a bit neurotic when it comes to prepping; I then dusted from lash to brow with powder.
3…. Final prep step… an application of a base shade Orb also from lash to brow. TIP… My choice for base shadow was matte. Tip matte shades has more hold which helps when contouring with darker shadows. If you follow these steps, your eye shadow will be as good as a tattoo for up to 24hours, hey gals the only time I recommend it stays on that long is on your wedding day!!

I was now ready to contour the shadows deep into the socket crease to create that classic Hollywood look, for this I needed 4 shades, The main socket shade Fig 1, Mauveless and Shale.

Fig 1, Mauveless and Shale for the crease & Jest for the lid

I applied Fig 1 deep into the crease of the eye, blending the shadow well with a shader Brush blending well. I then dusted the second shade into the crease, I use the word dust (soft blend) because this is exactly what I do, using a pony tail brush I worked in Mauveless over Fig 1. Finally with the same pony tail brush I washed over the socked again this time with shale, this application created an airbrushed effect no beginning, no ending no harsh lines to the shadow, these three shades work great together!


Time for a little shimmer, Jest partnered well with the above shades I applied Jest over the eyelid working it in starting tight to the lashes and over the ball of the eye, separating the lid from the socket this gave the eye that old Hollywood look! I also applied jest over the brow bone to highlight
Last but not least, I finished the eyeshades with a dab of Nylon to the inner corners of the eyes to light them up and it was wow!!

A retro look would not be retro with strong eyeliner.

I used a kohl pencil to start, I began at the middle of the upper lid to medium thickness….joining it up by starting on the inner corner with a thin line.

YB Eye Liner Pencil-Blackest Black RGB          YB Gel Liner-Eclipse RGB        YB_Mineral Lengthening Mascara-Open RGB

To create the wing ….Starting on the last eyelash outwards I drew the line out I then went to the tip of the wing and drew back towards the center, when done it looks like a triangle ending in the middle part of Chris’s lashline I filled in the gap with Youngblood eclipse (gel liner another of my hero products, the gel will not budge or smudge) then working the gel line from the inner corner of the lashline to the outer corner for a perfect finish

Untitled 17

For Chris I decided against pale pale pale, and instead went for Shimmering Mauve by MAC a gorgeous netural lipstick with a satin finish. Oh I almost forgot! Lipliner Dervish!

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