September 02, 2015



Opening shot IMG_9762

TIP…. Don’t take short cuts when prepping the skin for foundation, yep you guessed right, I cleanse tone and moisturise first.

Skin prepped, I used a small amount of Clarins Everlasting foundation, with a long day ahead I wanted the foundation to stay put and look natural for the whole day, my choice worked like a dream!


Look 1 natural…. The shadows I used were Clarins, Base shade 02 in Nude Pink, to contour I used 06 Earth, for the medium shade I used Gold from the Ombre Minerale 4 compact…. Follow how to get the look with look 2 below, for Aoife the technique is the same it’s easier to see how to get the look with the more dramatic colours.

SHOT 1,. 17


Foundation done, its time to prep Aoife’s eyes for makeup.

Look 2 Dramatic…. Aoife’s eyes for makeup. Aoife’s eyes are an amazing blue; to enhance them I set to work with Orb, Brown Down, Woodwinked, Nylon and Shroom, all eyeshades by M.A.C.Eyelids prepped and ready to go…..







I applied the base shade Orb from lash line to brow. I like to contour first, using the end of the eyebrow as a starting point, I worked the contour shade Brown Down into the socket area with a Makeup Forever pencil brush, love this brush! For this look I framed the whole eye, by swooping the shade under the eyes still using the pencil brush, leaving the lid bare and ready for the medium shade Woodwinked. Eye’s framed; I blended the Brown Down well with a clean M.A.C 239 Shader brush, an amazing brush softening the shadow, working it slightly above the socket bone….An application of Woodwinked on the lid easy peasy! Shroom over the brown bone, a dab of Nylon in the inner corners of the eyes and Bob’s your uncle shadows done!! The shadow will leave blue eyes looking like precious gems, blue topaz comes to mind!!

I finished Aoife’s eyes by outlining the top and bottom, inside and out with Cllarins Kohl pencil. Next step Lashings of Clarins Black Mascara….. Mascara is defo a girl’s best friend

Brows…I brushed up the brows and got them ship shape with a Clarins Brown Eyebrow Pencil  in 01.


Next step…. I set the foundation with Clarins No2 Mineral Loose Powder.I contoured with Clarins Bronzer; (Aquatic Treasure’s Matte Bronzer compact still on shop shelves).   The blush was Melba by MAC.




It is now time for the grand finale, lips!!   I started by outlining the lips with Mahogany lip liner by MAC. I choose the luscious Clarins Spicy Cinnamon lipstick to complete the look…. THE END   Some of the products to get this amazing look..

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